Sunshine Elementary Charter School (SECS), grades K-5 is located in Hollywood, Florida. Our students receive the highest caliber education an elementary school can provide, in a small-school environment.

Sunshine Elementary Charter School is a cost-free option to district schooling, offering students in grades K through fifth grade an educational experience truly unique to most other schools. Our elementary teachers focus their attention on each child in order to meet his/her needs. As an art-based charter school, our elementary students learn a variety of subjects, including the core curriculum through art and music. Each teacher utilizes the different learning styles of children to offer them a chance to experience learning in a totally new and more satisfying way. Our math and science curriculums offer a hands-on, kinesthetic approach to learning, where our students learn through their own experience and experimentation, rather than just reading a text book.

The following core philosophies have been established to help us attain our goals:

  • Success is a continuous process – Failure Is Not An Option.
  • Every person is entitled to a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment conducive to learning.
  • Each student has the right to learn and experience individual success.
  • All students benefit by exploring and appreciating cultural and social diversity in our community.
  • Students need curriculum and instructional practices that incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate differences in learning styles.

School Hours:

K-5 8:00-2:00 Breakfast 7:30-7:50 Aftercare 2:00-6:00

Our teachers encourage each child’s natural curiosity and present them with opportunities to not only read about the life cycle of a butterfly, but to actually experience it in our butterfly gardens. The elementary team truly works as a family unit, assisting one another in instruction, planning, and all special events. All of our elementary students are exposed to a variety of teaching styles and become familiar with every teacher in the elementary school. Not only does this provide a safer, more nurturing environment where all the teachers know every student no matter what grade level, but it also allows us as a staff to encourage positive behavior and consistency. The collaboration across all grade levels also adds to the students’ sense of stability as well as accountability for behavior and academic achievement.

It’s safe to say there is no other place in the world like Sunshine, and we can’t wait to welcome your child into our happy, nurturing family and watch them grow and learn!

Our academic programs are state-approved and provide the students a high-quality education. Fully-certified teachers and staff work closely with parents to encourage students to achieve academic success and reach their full potential. We are proud of the progress we have made in helping students find success in school.

Please contact us for an appointment to visit our schools. Submitting an application is strongly encouraged since our seats fill very fast! You are welcome to call us if you have any questions.

Charter schools are public schools of choice . They are very popular—and among the fastest growing school options in Florida.

Charter schools are largely free to innovate, and often provide more effective programs and choice to diverse groups of students. Charter schools are generally exempt from the Florida K-20 Education Code (Ch. 1000-1013, F.S.), except those statutes specifically applying to charter schools; pertaining to the provision of services to students with disabilities; pertaining to civil rights; and pertaining to student health, safety, and welfare.”

Please review the Parent & Student Handbook for important information about our schools.

Parent Invlovement Representative: Dr. Steven Montes: Phone – (954) 925-0155; Email – [email protected]