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School Newsletter – October 7, 2014

Art Show – May 2014

Sunshine Elementary Charter School Presents its first annual Art Show!  Our students have been learning about many different artists and art styles.  The following slide show includes some samples of our talented students’ artwork!  Please take a few minutes to enjoy the show.
Sol Elementary Charter School presenta su primer informe anual Art Show! Nuestros estudiantes han estado aprendiendo sobre diferentes artistas y estilos artísticos. La siguiente presentación de diapositivas incluye algunas muestras de nuestros estudiantes con talento! Por favor tómese unos minutos para disfrutar del espectáculo.

Community Service Messages

Child Abuse Guidelines


School Grades

School Grades are based entirely on FCAT scores.  2013-14 was the last school year FCAT scores were used to determine school grades.  Please call us at (954) 925-0155 if you would like a complete picture of our schools.  2013-14 Paragon Academy School Grade – C  Sunshine Elementary Charter School – “D”.  Please visit this website,,  for more information on Annual Measurable Objectives and other assessment information.