Welcome to Sunshine Elementary Charter School and Paragon Academy!

We are glad you are interested in improving your child’s education and have taken the time to visit us. Feel free to explore our programs, faculty, and facility pages to become more familiar with what we have to offer. You’ll soon discover we are charter schools that believe every child can learn and succeed and should never feel like ‘just another student’ . Our family environment nurtures individuality and creativity as well as with academic and behavioral achievement. Students at Paragon and Sunshine are given the time and specialized attention they need to meet and exceed all their educational goals.

With our total enrollment hovering around 400 students, our classroom teachers are able to cater to your child’s individual needs. Unlike many charter schools, we are not part of an enormous conglomerate, but are governed by our board and managed by ourselves. This gives us the freedom to manipulate our curriculum and instructional and behavioral practices to ensure greater success for our students.

Both our middle and elementary schools are tuition and registration fee free and offer a cost-free alternative to district schools. We are conveniently located in Hollywood, Florida, close to I-95 and Hollywood Boulevard. Come stop by and see us and find out for yourself what makes us truly one of a kind.

Future of SECS/PAT

Our campus is located at 502 N. 28th Avenue, Hollywood, 33020. Our six – and – a – half acre facility supports a number of activities aligned with our charter, such as a theater arts program for elementary students and an expanded athletic program for the middle school.

Students will soon be able to utilize our five athletic fields for soccer, baseball, football and volleyball. We also have a basketball court and plenty of room to experience the joys and benefits of team sports and an active lifestyle.

Our campus also includes a multipurpose room with a stage where our extraordinarily active PTA will hold family events such as movie nights, flea markets, family dinners, and other fundraising and community-building activities. This room also includes a full service kitchen where your child will enjoy a hot, nutritious and tasty breakfast or lunch.

As we expand, we will welcome new staff members to our family, including a Spanish teacher. We want to encourage our students to learn a new and valuable language or to help our Spanish – speaking students learn more about their culture and become more proficient in their native language.


The mission of Paragon Academy of Technology and Sunshine Elementary Charter School is to create a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment that will help students become accomplished readers, writers, and problem solvers.  The encouragement of our highly skilled faculty and staff and caring parents help to foster in our students a fascination with learning and a desire to become responsible contributing members of society.  The following core philosophies have been established to help us attain our goals:

  • Success is a continuous process – Failure Is Not An Option
  • Every person is entitled to a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment conducive to learning
  • Each student has the right to learn and experience individual success
  • All students benefit by exploring cultural and social diversity in our community
  • Students need curriculum and instructional practices that incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate differences in learning styles.
  • To foster pride in academic achievement while developing the students’ artistic abilities.
  • To promote the essential role of the arts in enabling every student to succeed in school.


Paragon Academy of Technology and Sunshine Elementary Charter School students will remain actively engaged in the learning process as they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible, contributing citizens within the local, state, national, and world community.

Paragon Academy of Technology and Sunshine Elementary Charter School parents will remain actively involved as advocates for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff.

Paragon Academy of Technology and Sunshine Elementary Charter School staff members will actively engage all students in the learning process and teach students to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and life-long learners.